The Pros and Cons of being a wildcard


  • You get to be King!

  • You get to do everything and be a highly valued resource in your company

  • You’re never bored

  • No one knows exactly  “what you do”

  • You get to learn many new skills


  • You have to be a 2

  • “I do everything” doesn’t look good on a resume when you want to go to a new company

  • You’re always busy

  • No one knows exactly  “what you do”

  • You have to self-learn most things


Being a wildcard at work is just like being a wildcard in poker. You’re never as good as the card you’re pretending to be: The kings will be more skillful than you in their category, and the twos will be a more cost efficient resource for the work.

As with most things in your professional life, you have to look at the long-term and decide if being a wildcard is working to your benefit. If not, it might be time to switch tables!


  1. IMO, being the wildcard is the way to go, but of course it depends on personality. A lot of people like carving themselves a ‘niche’ for job stability, but I would get very bored learning to be better at the same thing everyday (which is consequently why I never got a PHD). Also, I see ‘self-learning’ as a pro and not a con! 😛

    1. I’m definitely not bashing being a wildcard. I’m pretty sure it’s the best role for me. And I see being a self-learner as a huge pro! Though, it can be painful to self-learn something. It’s frustrating when there are lots of people who could explain it to you easily, just not in your company!

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