Wanderlust Questionnare

Where to go?


As I’ve traveled, I’ve noticed a few things that make me realize my love for travel.

Ask yourself these questions. Depending on the answers, you may be afflicted with wanderlust.

My friends are encouraged to add to this list 🙂

  1. Do you know where your passport is?
    • Is it in your backpack?
      • Is your backpack within 10 feet of you?
    • Do you know the numbers by heart so you don’t have to get it every time?
  2. Do you have an international phone?
    • Do you have an international SIM card?
      • Do you put the country code on all your contacts?
  3. Do you catch yourself randomly checking travel websites for good deals?
    • Do you set alerts?
  4. Do you reserve time off work without a destination in mind?
  5. Have you ever booked a hotel while sitting in the airport?
    • Have you ever booked a hotel while sitting on the plane?
      • Have you ever booked your return flight while in the airport or plane?
  6. Do you have a universal power adapter in your backpack, just in case?
  7. Do you have multiple time zones set on your phone / watch?
    • Do you know the time zone offsets by heart?
      • Do you relate most things to UTC time?



  1. I can respond with a definitive “YES” to all of these except the SIM card (I never stay in a place long enough where that’s practical). I’d like to add:
    8) Do you have the VISA requirements for all the places on your bucket list already memorized just in case you’d like to make a last minute trip?
    9) When you think of destination names, do you think in Airport code? “I’m headed to KUL by way of MNL in a couple weeks. I couldn’t get a direct out of PHX so I’m leaving the states via LAX. See you in BKK!”
    10) Do you get disappointed when customs does NOT stamp your passport?
    11) Do you start thinking about your next trip before you even get home from the trip you are currently on?
    12) Does your future career aspirations revolve around a way to work remotely so that you can travel the world permanently?
    13) Does the thought of going on a cruise or overly-touristy and/or cliche destination turn you off? “Hey what do you guys want to do for our family trip?” “Let’s go on a cruise to the Bahamas! I heard about this really amazing resort we should visit!” “Ugh.”
    14) Do you have the AirBnb and Couchsurfing apps on your phone homescreen?
    15) Depending on whom you are speaking to, do you translate measurements and currencies to your audience’s native country? “Yeah, it’s easy to get around in New York. There are subways stations about every 100 meters in Manhattan. During the summer, the trains get super hot, like 40 degrees, though. Luckily, it’s cheap, only a couple Euros to get you from Midtown to the Upper East Side.”

  2. 16) Do you have a purse full of excess currencies from all over the world?
    17) Do you pack flip-flops and boots at the same time, just in case you decide to hop on to countries of differing weather?
    18) Do you book a one-way ticket because, who knows what will happen next, who you will meet, and where you will go after?
    19) Do you have all sorts of train tickets, entrance tickets, plane tickets, bus ride tickets inserted among the pages of a book you carry when you travel?
    20) Does your heart flutter whenever you recall travel memories and find yourself thinking when you’re gonna meet the people you’ve met during your trip again?
    21) Does your luggage have countless of check-in stickers with barcodes?
    22) Do you have an XE app, an offline map, and and offline translator on your phone?
    23) Do you always ask locals ” Where is the best place to eat local food?”, or “What is your local beer?’
    24) When you tick off one place off of your ‘Top Ten Places to Visit Before I Die’, do you add more places beneath the tenth one?
    25) During a conversation with your family or friends, do you suddenly blurt out words from different languages?

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